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Dayton-Hudson became Target Corporation in 2000. And all the Daytons and Hudsons were fine with it. Uploaded by

Doesn’t it seem like you never heard of Target stores, and two days later they were everywhere? It’s as if someone in the Dayton-Hudson department store chain, the creators and owners of Target, said, “Now don’t think I’m crazy – but what if we created an upscale WalMart?” Crazy? Crazy like a fox. A very, very rich fox.


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Target has done so well that it left the company’s true department stores – Dayton’s, Hudson’s, and Marshall Field’s – in its dust. The company finally gave up and changed its name to the Target Corporation in 2000.

Now, many communities are getting SuperTargets with a bank, food court, full grocery and deli, even a clinic in some stores. But they’ll still have the designer-influenced products, the better layout, and the feeling that you’re getting better quality for your dollar. That’s why we celebrate Tarzhay: a store dedicated to making us feel better about the stuff we have to buy.



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