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Marching Bands

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Marching bands have enhanced football games and parades for over a century. Uploaded by

If you watch football on television these days, you’d conclude that marching bands are a relic of the past. Halftime shows for the home audience consist of highlights of other games and talking heads…talking. But if you attend a game, and if the lines at the bathrooms aren’t too long, you can see and hear this genuine bit of true Americana.

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Of course, marching bands do more than provide halftime entertainment at football games. They also provide musical entertainment at parades. And at…well, that’s about it, I suppose. But if you tune in the Macy’s Parade or the Tournament of Roses Parade, you’ll see high school and college bands who’ve sold a lot of candy bars to finance the trip. And chances are, they’re really good.

Just as a reminder of how good marching bands can be, here’s a YouTube video that’s gone viral in recent days. It features the Ohio State Marching Band celebrating the early days of video games.

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