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Kid Stuff: Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood

Fred put on his cardigan and changed into his sneakers for 895 episodes spanning parts of five decades. Uploaded by

The changing of the shoes. The putting on of the sweater. The singing of the theme song. All these images are part of our cultural history – the sweater is now in the Smithsonian. But what we all remember most about Fred Rogers is his gentle and patient spirit, which made his show a safe place for kids to visit.

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Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood (originally Misterogers’ Neighborhood) originated in Pittsburgh, and appeared on television from 1968 to 2001. PBS broadcast all but the first couple of seasons, which originated on the defunct National Education Television network.

Rogers wrote the theme “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” in 1967, and sang it to his audience as he changed his suit and shoes for 895 episodes. Wouldn’t you like to hear it just one more time? Take it away, Fred:


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  1. I feel the same way about Fred & his legacy. This Sept 2012, the characters in Fred’s Neighborhood of Make Believe had kids of their own and with Daniel Tiger leading the troops, they’ll take PreK’ers along the journey of most everything Fred felt was integral to their development and happiness.

    Please check it out Robin on PBS Kids & let me know what you think because we need more of what Fred brought to this world.Angela SantomeroCreator/Exec Producer: Blue’s Clues, Super Why & Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood