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Coleman Coolers

Coleman Cooler,

Coleman makes lots of products, but the cooler may be its best for non-campers. Uploaded by

First, let me say up front that I’m not a camping person. One of my favorite quotes (paraphrased, and by Nora Ephron, best I can remember) is “The biggest problem with the outdoors is there are no comfortable chairs.” But for those who love to camp, Coleman is a name they love. And you don’t need a tent, a stove, or a lantern to enjoy one of the company’s signature products – the cooler.

Coleman Cooler,

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One Richard C. Laramy of Joliet, Illinois received a patent on the cooler in December, 1953. Within months, Coleman had its version on the market. Three years later it figured out how to make a plastic liner for the thing. Now they’re made in sizes from a few ounces to 150 quarts, with handles or on wheels, steel belted and soft sided.

Want to picnic? I’ve got the cooler for you. Taking food to the beach? I’ve got the cooler for you. Heading out to tailgate? I’ve got the cooler for you. Going camping? Sorry. Can’t help.

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