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Americana: Firefighters

Firefighters make American towns safe,

It takes a special kind of person to become a firefighter. They have to exhibit sound judgment, self-discipline, and courage. Uploaded by

Firefighters in most cities are individuals who are paid for their dangerous work. In many small towns across the country, however, brave men and women do this job as volunteers. Either way, they are professional in their dedication to serving their communities.

It takes special kind of people to become firefighters. They have to show strength and endurance, and be trained in at least basic rescue and life-saving techniques. They must also exhibit sound judgment, self-discipline, and courage.

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When on duty, firefighters are ready at a moment’s notice to respond to an emergency. Whatever the weather. Whatever the hour. They’ll don equipment that protects them, but which can also be heavy and hot. They won’t complain, though, because that equipment may save their lives as they face exposure to flames and smoke, hazardous materials, unstable buildings, and poisonous chemicals.

We honor our firefighters for all they do to keep our communities, our homes, and our families safe. Americans everywhere are deeply grateful for these fellow citizens who risk – and sometimes sacrifice – their lives to protect ours.


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