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Album: Patsy Cline – The Definitive Collection

Patsy Cline was categorized as a country singer, but her soulful voice carried her to pop success as well. Unfortunately, she died at age 30. Uploaded by

Seldom does a voice come along with the expressive soulfulness of Patsy Cline. She was definitely country enough to fit comfortably in that genre. Her talent transcends such a narrow classification, however, and she’s now considered one of the best American popular singers of all time. Source: me.

Patsy Cline, Uploaded by

There is no shortage of Patsy Cline collections out there. There’s “Patsy Cline’s Greatest Hits,” “The Sound of Patsy Cline,” “The Patsy Cline Collection,” “The Very Best of Patsy Cline,” “The Best of Patsy Cline,” “Patsy Cline Gold,” “Patsy Cline, The Ultimate Collection” and a lot more. Patsy Cline – The Definitive Collection contains more of her songs than most of the others – 22 tracks – and of course contains her most popular numbers: “Walkin’ After Midnight,” “Crazy,” “I Go To Pieces,” “She’s Got You,” and “Sweet Dreams.”

On, 43 of 53 who’ve reviewed the album give it five stars, the highest rating. The review site also gives it five stars, saying in its review, “All things considered, ‘The Definitive Collection’ is an excellent single-disc sampler of Patsy Cline…The track list, sequenced in roughly chronological order, presents all 14 of Cline’s country chart hits.”

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