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Kid Stuff: Pac-Man

The ghosts would get you - unless you gobbled some power pellets and turned the tables on them. Uploaded by

Back when video games ranged from the ultra-primitive (Pong) to the still simple (Space Invaders), the introduction of Pac-Man was more than an improvement in game technology. It was as much an icon of the 80s as disco was of the 70s.

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Pac-Man navigates through a maze, eating pac-dots along the way while avoiding the ghosts. But power pellets awaited in each of the corners that gave Pac-Man an energy boost and the ability to eat the ghosts. Of course, the ghosts moved faster than Pac-Man, so running away from them wasn’t a prudent strategy. I’ve read where the game had 255 levels – I never made it past the first three or four.

Let’s pause a moment to praise one Billy Mitchell of Hollywood, Florida. He was the first ever to get a PERFECT SCORE on all levels – eating all the fruit and pac-dots and never losing a life. It took him about six hours. But think of how many hundreds or thousands of hours it must have taken him to achieve that proficiency!

Want to enjoy Pac-Man once more? You can play it for free on your computer, assuming you have Flash. You even get the same sounds. Good luck!

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