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LeBron James

LeBron James, photo by Alexandra Walt

Okay, you’re tasked with carving the Mount Rushmore of the NBA. And you have to limit yourself to the four greatest players in league history. I’d start with Wilt Chamberlain, can’t leave Michael Jordan out. I think LeBron James would be number three. Who’d be the last one? Bird? Shaq? Curry? Kareem? Magic?

LeBron James, photo by Keith Allison

Whoever you’d include, LeBron has earned his place in the pantheon. As of this writing, he’s won three NBA championships (without a lot of supporting help) and four MVP trophies. And his teams in Cleveland and Miami have almost always been in the Finals.

He was a can’t-miss player coming out of high school, and he proved to be even better than all the hype. And he’s been a good citizen off the court, too, supporting such children’s causes as Boys & Girls Club of America, the Children’s Defense Fund, and his own LeBron James Family Foundation. The NBA got a huge break when its superstar turned out to be not just a legendary basketball player, but a good man as well.

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