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Singer: Marvin Gaye

Flickr photo by CoincidenceUNO.

He would have turned 70 today. Hard to comprehend. But he never made it, and we can only guess how depleted our musical heritage is as a result.

He signed with Every Great Motown Hit of Marvin Gaye""Motown Music CDs)""“>Marvin’s music got more political during the latter part of his music career, leading to fights with Berry Gordy, who initially refused to release Marvin’s first “relevant” soul album. But American music is so much richer because he did. Even now, Marvin is

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  1. It’s tragic that he died the way he did – being shot by his father. I suspect that’s one of a million things Marvin Gaye and I will never have in common, being shot by their fathers! Senseless and out-of-control gun violence is a not-so great American thing. I won’t cross into the political here in my first post on your blog, but I will say ‘thank you’ for not being a gun (nut) person.

  2. This is a really cool idea for a blog, by the way!

  3. Also, Marvin and Tammi singing “Ain’t nothing like the real thing”. That transports me to another time and place. Tammi died tragically as well from a brain turmor at age 24. Motown Music is a Great American Thing for me.

  4. For me, Marvin Gaye and sensual are synonymous; his voice is just so…..wonderful. Great music!
    I need to get my Marvin Gaye’s greatest cd back from my daughter.